About ITandFactory

About ITandFactory

ITandFactory (a fully owned subsidiary of Neilsoft Pvt. Ltd.) is an Engineering-Solution provider for project planning and designing of process plants and process equipments. Our mission is to create and deliver the best integrated plant engineering solution & services to help our customers improve their project planning, reduce their rework, reduce errors and complete projects faster-to-market.

The solutions is based on object-oriented technology and focuses more on project workflow challenges such as real integration, change management, centralized documentation, real-time updates, unification of data graphics. It has developed a consistent system of data management which increases the flexibility of the overall process and enables parallel collaboration, accuracy, speed and project success.

The strength of our solutions lies in the engineering data and graphics-driven approach with a single common database, which provide tremendous flexibility for the company. Higher efficiency in plant planning, integration of plant construction and effective plant documentation with intelligent solutions is at a core of ITandFactory. It is our target to ensure a maximum benefit for the customer through utilization of latest processes and technologies.

ITandFactory offers complete solutions for plant design and engineering based on various technology platforms like AutoCAD, Microsoft and MicroStation to provide flexible, efficient and integrated design environments.

Our Solutions:
CADISON® : 3D integrated Plant Design and Equipment Engineering Software (based on AutoCAD platform)

Visio® P&ID Process Designer: A Visio-based intelligent PFD/P&ID solution for Process Engineers and Non-CAD users like Sales Engineers.

E&I Electrical Designer: E&I Electrical Designer is the most advanced comprehensive standalone electrical design software for Schematics & Control Design, 3D Cable Trays & Panel Layouts creation, Conduits & Trenches design, and Cable Scheduling.

We also have third party solution Tricad MS for Factory Design.