Modular Plant Design and Object-Oriented Software for Plant Design

ITandFactory GmbH (a subsidiary of Neilsoft Group) has been developing process industry solutions from last two decades based on object oriented technology with a mission of improving engineering efficiency and focusing more on project workflow challenges such as real integration, change management, centralized documentation, real-time updates, unification of data graphics (instead of just managing information with high end database solutions). It has developed a consistent system of data management which increases flexibility of the overall process and enables parallel collaboration - which improves division of labour (remote teams), accuracy, speed and project success.

CADISON® solution is built around the object oriented technology with modular architecture enabling a model-based process for ‘intelligent & integrated plant information modeling’.

It provides the flexibility to customize Workflows, Object Models & Catalogs to one’s own company standards and automatically generate Reports, BOM, MTOs, Isometrics & 2D GA drawings to improve project execution efficiency. It also has built-in revision control & project co-ordination capabilities.

CADISON® integrates into the Autodesk environment by using the graphics engine of AutoCAD® and has built-in calculations, interfaces to ERP and pipe stress calculation tools making it a complete engineering system.

Backed by project engineering services from its parent company Neilsoft Pvt. Ltd.(a global group of more than 1000 person), we ensure smooth implementation and successful execution of projects in CADISON® making us a complete solution provider.